"Saying goodbye to Canada this morning as i head back to L.A.! It was great to see old friends made some new ones! It was a great visit and a Great pirate festival!"



Saying goodbye to Canada and return back to L.A. is good because the Great pirate festival was so good and people really enjoyed there. Thanks for having this article, as it is good to inform the fans where you are now and what are your further plans.


my hero. Little bit upset for the divorce. That couple was awesome. BTW johnny depp use this website for writing essay ..haha kidding la.


I have attended Pirate festival once and all I can say is, it was a fun experience to be there. Almost all people there were in pirate costumes and people made an effort for turning themselves into pirates! I'm pretty sure, you'll miss Canada but you can always go back there if you want! For next year, we were planning to go and witness pirate festival once again!

03/05/2017 3:35pm

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