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We spoke to Cher, Madonna and Jonnhy Depp. Well, not exactly.
Steve Andrade, Chris Ronnie Rodriguez America and life masquerading earn living legends. Three 'impersonators' and the director of the most successful doubles agency UK tell the story of an industry that million dollar bill and makes possible that in the 2014 one can go to an Elvis concert.

By WILLIAM ALONSO | 4 Sep 2014
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"CoverThe Three Ages of Madonna. Sorry, Chris America. © Chris America
These are words of Cher in a 2010 interview: "Once I went to a Jewish Gay Wedding Coming out of the bathroom a lady I shouted.. '! Hey, hey' Then he ran to me, took me by the hand and said, 'Please, give me your card You're the best I've seen? ". Cher received a Tony, an Oscar and Grammy, but it is likely (though she does not know) that it is right there in the middle of that gay Jewish wedding when he confirmed that the universe is a living legend. The celebrity impersonators , tribute artists, doubles, lookalikes , wannabes (they have a thousand names) were invented to meet the impossible: to enjoy live numbers of dead artists. In fact, the invented Elvis. He has more doubles than any artist in the world and example curl curl: no impersonators of Elvis and vital young fifties, there are the plump Elvis consumed by drugs and seventies, there Duets Elvis, Elvis Child, bearded Elvis, Elvis boom and there are impersonators of impersonators : parody artists who imitate Elvis.

The strange thing is that this endorses any unable to contact Elvis impersonator. But with three men who dress in two cases, women (Madonna and Cher) and in the third, another man (Jonnhy Depp). Susan Scott, director of the most successful UK agency that distributes double of all professions and taxonomies worldwide (glorious attention to phrases like "send one of our Winston Churchills"), brings his bit with his point business view. This is the fascinating story of ordinary people living extraordinary masquerading as people earn.

Susan Scott (director of the agency Susan Scott double Agency): I started my agency double in 1979 Since then the industry has grown, say, by 1000 percent. I think the business exploded when Princess Diana became famous. But it did not end there.

Chris America (Madonna): I started in the entertainment industry in 1984 I worked in a company operating in telegrams sung the Washington area. Back then MTV came and my agency began receiving calls looking for people who was breaking artists who resembled. Someone said I looked like Madonna and asked that imitate. I had no idea who Madonna was. I had to do some research and immediately I could see that there was some similarity. It came to be a star and my agency decided to become a full-time mimic yours. Since then the phone has never stopped ringing.

Ronnie Rodriguez (Jonnhy Depp): Before becoming a double by Jonny Depp was in the Navy and then I became a photographer and graphic artist. I'm working as a photographer.

Steve Andrade (Cher): I worked at night, advertising and sales for hotels and other businesses. During the day I was going to college and studying to become a professional sculptor and painter.

Chris America (Madonna): Today I am costume designer, graphic artist, publisher, dancer, singer, travel agent, sales representative, event ... All those titles come together to be the Madonna impersonator a work takes up all my time.

"CoverWhat is Steve and what is Cher? © Steve Andrade
Susan Scott (director of the agency Susan Scott double Agency): Usually most requests that come to us are to hire double of members of the royal family. William and Kate are the most popular (we have over 200 Kates at our agency). In retirement parties often call a double Queen, where a name like knight sword honored with a number makes.

Steve Andrade (Cher): I never thought anything like me look like Cher until I dressed woman in a nightclub where I worked many years ago. My friends spent six months trying to convince me that I had to dress like a woman because women had certain features in my face, but ignored them. In the end I agreed and when I arrived everyone told me I looked just like Cher. People have come to think that I have operated several times to look like her, but the truth is that everything is coincidental and Makeup.

Ronnie Rodriguez (Jonnhy Depp) originally wanted to be an actor. Every time I went to a casting someone told me I looked a lot like Jonnhy Depp. In 2004, after watching Pirates of the Caribbean , my wife and I went to a Halloween party and I dressed up as Jack Sparrow. People's comments ranged from "Strange" to "My God, are you Jonny Depp?". A friend told me I should become a celebrity impersonator . I sent some pictures to an agency and within weeks they were calling me on TV. Since then I have not stopped.

Steve Andrade (Cher): I have thousands of curious stories that happened to me when I'm dressed Cher, but the most recent I remember is her concert in Kansas City when I was accosted by a huge group of fans. I had to go dressed as Cher performing in a afterparty after the concert. He had thirty fans ahead thirty fans behind me and finished breaking the dress that threw me for a photo with me. It was terrifying.

Chris America (Madonna): In the JFK airport while a crowd chased me screaming and crying. It was very strange. And there was a time when someone offered me two hundred thousand dollars intimately to recreate the video for Justify my love , which of course I declined.

Susan Scott (director of the agency Susan Scott double Agency): One of our Double Queen Elizabeth II received a call from Playboy to pose nude for some years. On another occasion Roy Elias, our double Eddie Murphy, was invited to lunch with his family at a restaurant in the Eiffel Tower.

"CoverNot Jonnhy Depp is Ronnie Rodriguez. © Ronnie Rodriguez
Ronnie Rodriguez (Jonnhy Depp): I've done twice Jonnhy lights in the third and fourth installment of Pirates of the Caribbean , Jack and Jill and 21 Jump Street . I recently did an extra in her latest film, Mordecai . The scene took place in the lobby of a hotel. Suddenly the assistant director came up to me and said. "Ronnie, we have to take off this scene Everybody thinks you're Jonnhy and we're going crazy". At some point it has come to give the situation a couple of paparazzi photographs made me confused thinking I was him.

Chris America (Madonna): I've done everything from birthdays, anniversaries, inaugurations, weddings, holiday parties, corporate events, meetings and fans went headliner for many years in the New York event Madonnathon. I think the strangest thing I've done is sing a couple of funerals.

Susan Scott (director of the agency Susan Scott double Agency): Funny how demand changes as today. During the months before the royal wedding of William and Kate, or Elizabeth II Jubilee, we attended only to requests to get double royals . When approaching the Oscars, we ask Hollywood stars. When elections, political approach. And during the World Cup we are dedicated almost exclusively to athletes.

Steve Andrade (Cher) recently invited me to act in a communion. I was checked when I saw me acting with my wig and my heels in the religious ceremony of a girl of eight.

Susan Scott (director of the agency Susan Scott double Agency): Our doubles are curious maybe Hitler or Saddam Hussein ... but they are required solely for documentation. I recently sent one of our Winston Churchills to participate in a series of The History Channel. Hitler also wanted to, but it was expensive to send from here, so I finally found one in the United States that imitated German accent and it was cheaper. If someone had asked us twice a dictator for something private would study the request with extreme care.

Chris America (Madonna) Madonna met in 1995 at the House of Blues in Los Angeles at a concert by Chris Isaak. We greeted with a cordial head but I did not bother because I was in an intimate moment and I wanted to respect that. It's so iconic and has so many people that need your attention ... I know from experience how that's when I seen her on a show, but I can not get to imagine what it would impose be 24 hours. I've been there sometimes about working with her: once bespoken had another show that I could not cancel and the other was for a photo shoot for Vanity Fair in which they planned to pose with her. Eventually they changed their minds about the creative direction of the story and it fell.

Steve Andrade (Cher): Last year I was asked to act in a tribute show to Cher ... in front of her. It was exciting and terrifying. I've never been so nervous. In fact I almost could not do it because I suffered a panic attack as soon as the music started. In the end I went to talk to her a few times that night and it was sweet to me greatly.

Chris America (Madonna): Before the Internet existed often thought I was the real Madonna when she was clothed. But since there is a website where everyone knows she is constantly, so think of it less often.

Steve Andrade (Cher): I'll send a picture of me with Cher. Check it out. I've been doing this 16 years and I have been fortunate that the media follow with interest what I do.

Chris America (Madonna): He was the first Madonna impersonator who won national recognition for my work and it took 30 years. Canto I live and performing in front of Oprah Winfrey and the White House

Susan Scott (director of the agency Susan Scott double Agency) claimed are the most recently Harry Potter, Justin Bieber and Harry Styles.

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